How much food should my 5 month yellow labrador puppy be eating?

My 5 month old lab pup Lola eats 1 tin of wet dog food and around 3 handfuls of dry complete food a day, yet she still scavenges like she’s not had a meal in days, and sometimes I can hear her belly rumbling. Is this enough? I read the packaging of both foods, and the wet food says she should have 8 tins a day, and the dry food says she should have 10 1/2 cupfuls per day, but that seems excessive! She also has a few treats throughout the day, like a rawhide stick or some biscuits. Thanks

Answer: Well, lets see, is it a big can or a little can? How big are your hands? 10 and a half cups would be a lot of dog food (and you must be feeding a cheap brand to need so much of it). I feed my 4 month old lab about 5 cups (measuring cup nnt drinking cups) a day. 3 separate meals. You should look into a better food like Blue, wellnessor Orijin. treats should not be counted towards her meal rations.


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